Lyme disease inquiry underway

Claims range from suicides from the disease to “an unholy waste of money”.

Steve Wozniak touring Australia and NZ

The IT pioneer on ideas and ideas for ideas.

Lawrence ‘Unbelievable’ Leung at Sydney Comedy Festival

Skeptical comedian looks at “very strange things”

Sydney biohackers social event – April 14

A BYO social event for DIY biohackers put on by the BioFoundry, Australia’s first community lab for citizen scientists

NHMRC $3.3 million on wind farm research – “money down the drain”?

Funding for research into “wind farm syndrome” despite earlier findings that there was no consistent evidence it even exists.

Chiro Board says “toe the line” or else

The chiropractic industry regulator says those making false and misleading claims risk prosecution and disciplinary action.

Sydney dinner- April 9 – The evolution of anti-evolutionism

First Skeptics dinner in Sydney for 2016 on the return of creationism in science classes

Chiro v GP – who’s more qualified?

Chiropractors want to be the first port of call for healthcare, but how do their qualifications stack up against those of GPs?

Bent Spoon nomination for ABC Catalyst

TV program on supposed dangers of wi-fi radiation heavily weighted to scare tactics

Queensland childcare operator says “no jab, can play”

Queensland’s biggest childcare organisation will not ban children who are not vaccinated.