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Burzynski fined by Texas Medical Board

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Bent Spoon nominee defends TCM claims, despite contradictions from WHO

TGA to publish lab test details on medical products – but is it enough?

TGA to publish new information on lab tests of medical products, including the significance of non-complying results.

Chiro group distances itself from anti-vaxxers

The Chiropractors Association of Australia demands AVsN removes online link and stresses it supports vaccination

Researchers warn of dire effects of herbal remedies

Australian research highlights that ‘natural’ remedies may contain toxins, heavy metals, and illegal ingredients with often unknown impacts on users.

Wide condemnation of pro-acupuncture research paper on infant colic

Research by Swedish academics showed a positive response from infants with colic to acupuncture. But criticism has been severe and damning.

Dr Google and Mr Yahoo – searching for vax info

Search engine results show predominantly pro-vaccination sites, but content is often difficult to understand and non-transparent

Strange stuff for Sydney Skeptics

A social side to the Skeptical perspective on the woo of Sydney