Skeptics survey: party policies for Federal election

In a survey of a range of topics of interest to Skeptics, only the Australian Sex Party responded in full.

Sydney Dinner, 6 August – How to make Skeptics even more attractive

Psychologist Dr Martin Graff on how humans – and even skeptics – attract each other

ALP policy on alt-med rebates and wind farm syndrome

Labor election promise to scrap the health insurance rebate for ‘natural therapies’ and the investigation into ‘wind farm syndrome’

Baby cracking chiro banned from treating kids

CBA puts strict conditions on chiro Ian Rossborough’s practice.

Chiro defence of paediatric care questioned

Prof Ken Harvey has alerted AHPRA to video based on “disproven dogma”.

Boss of failed stockbroking firm sought business advice from psychic

Bottler of ‘vibrational essences’ helped in business and employee decisions

ACCC appeals $1.7m fine for Nurofen

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission wants a $6m fine – Choice wants $60m

Aust Sex Party gives a serve to anti-vaxers

The Australian Sex Party has told the Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network what it thinks of anti-vaxers, in no uncertain terms.

Edzard Ernst on why he changed his mind about homeopathy

Noted skeptic interviewed by BBC on the price he’s paid for not believing in pseudomedicine

Conflict among Wilyman PhD examiners

“Serious concerns” and “very critical” comments made on anti-vaccination thesis that claims pro-vaccination conspiracies on a global scale.