Tickets now available for Skepticon

The 33rd Australian Skeptics National Convention, November 2017 – early bird discounts for Skeptics

Homeopathy groups’ attack on NHMRC – the missing submission

A ‘scathing’ attack on the NHMRC critical report on homeopathy seems to have been disowned by its authors.

Homeopathic teething tablets recalled

TGA has advised that the products, which contain belladonna, should be returned to their place of purchase.

Quizzing scientists in the age of alternative facts

Non-alternative facts – how well are they communicated?

Interactive map for global measles immunisation rates

A chart published by the World Health Organisation gives fascinating data on how immunisation rates have risen and declined.

Australian Skeptics Inc – why we’re marching for science

Show your support for science, critical thinking and the Skeptics sartorial style

March for Science with a $5 T-shirt!

Members of the committee of Australian Skeptics Inc will join the March for Science in Sydney on April 22. And those Skeptics who are thinking of taking part might consider joining us. We’re even offering very very cheap t-shirts so you can proudly declare both your Skeptical and pro-science attitude….

Anti-vaxxers ordered to “please explain” fundraising

AVSN asked to open books following ill-fated anti-government donations appeal

Blackmores donates $10M to UWS alt med researchers

Controversial NICM has received the vitamin company’s biggest R&D investment

Chiropractic profession outperforms all others on number of complaints

CBA report: chiropractors constituted 44.6% of statutory offence matters against all medical practitioners across Australia.