Chiropractic profession outperforms all others on number of complaints

CBA report: chiropractors constituted 44.6% of statutory offence matters against all medical practitioners across Australia.

Pete Evans – “who needs qualifications?”

Paleo Pete responds to AMA criticism that he is irresponsible and a danger to health.

Choice rubbishes Home Harmonizer – no effect and a waste of money

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Belle Gibson guilty but “delusional” … and now for the next fad

Fake cancer-sufferer guilty but possibly deluded about her medical condition.

Google won’t list Natural News – Update

The most influential search engine blacklists the “worst site on the internet”

Update – JCU closes healing touch clinic

Controversial clinic on University grounds now looking for a new home.

Vic Skeptics reveal dangerous products on sale at Melbourne hospital

Homeopathic baby teething tablets and gel may contain belladonna

Chiropractor found guilty of making false claims of curing cancer

But hundreds more need to be dealt with say Skeptic campaigners

NICM offers alternative facts about alternative medicine

Bent Spoon nominee defends TCM claims, despite contradictions from WHO

TGA to publish lab test details on medical products – but is it enough?

TGA to publish new information on lab tests of medical products, including the significance of non-complying results.