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The 33rd Australian Skeptics National Convention, November 2017 – early bird discounts for Skeptics

Homeopathy groups’ attack on NHMRC – the missing submission

A ‘scathing’ attack on the NHMRC critical report on homeopathy seems to have been disowned by its authors.

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Chiropractic profession outperforms all others on number of complaints

CBA report: chiropractors constituted 44.6% of statutory offence matters against all medical practitioners across Australia.

Pete Evans – “who needs qualifications?”

Paleo Pete responds to AMA criticism that he is irresponsible and a danger to health.

Choice rubbishes Home Harmonizer – no effect and a waste of money

Geoclense has “the effectiveness of a tin foil hat, but lack’s the hat’s potential for use in food preparation”.

Belle Gibson guilty but “delusional” … and now for the next fad

Fake cancer-sufferer guilty but possibly deluded about her medical condition.

Google won’t list Natural News – Update

The most influential search engine blacklists the “worst site on the internet”