Queensland childcare operator says “no jab, can play”

Queensland’s biggest childcare organisation will not ban children who are not vaccinated.

Five years to bring Nurofen “specific” pain killer to heel

The Federal Court has found claims made by the manufacturer of Nurofen Specific Pain products are misleading … five years after they were first brought to public attention.

Chickenpox outbreak at “tolerant” Victorian school

As many as 25 per cent of students catch chickenpox at school where “a range of opinions are accommodated”, including non-vaccination

Uni study finds some TCM ingredients illegal or dangerous

Tests find some traditional Chinese medicines contain pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and endangered animals, including snow leopards

No Jab No Pay legislation passed

The Senate has given final approval to the no jab no pay legislation to make vaccination essential to receive some government family benefits.

Review on health fund rebate for alt med – too hard basket

A government review of a range of natural therapies has found that they lack evidence of clinical efficacy, but the amount of the rebate paid is not worth the effort of withdrawing it.

Senate committee report recommends ‘no jab no pay’ bill be passed

The committee looking into plans to increase vaccination via limiting access to social services payments gives its nod to the amended legislation.

No Jab No Pay inquiry flooded by anti-vax submissions

Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network claims conspiracies from those in favour of vaccination

Chiropractic Board fails the tooth test

Australian Skeptics Inc’s concern over powerless standards

Bent Spoon to celebrity chef Pete Evans

Annual ‘piffle’ award goes to paleo-diet and pseudomedicine promoter, Pete Evans.