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Our digital presence is extensive. In addition to this website, you can hear our voices on the Skeptic Zone podcast, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and find out where we meet on Meetup. And of course, you can read our magazine, the Skeptic, either on paper or as an email-delivered PDF file. Australian Skeptics also have very active groups across the country. The groups are affiliated but independent. Contact details for each group are provided in this page. With any comments about this web site, please contact the webmaster.

Australian Skeptics Groups…

New South Wales

The NSW group is known as Australian Skeptics, Inc. Australian Skeptics, Inc publishes this website and a quarterly magazine, The Skeptic. … Group details »


Victorian Skeptics … Group details »

Victoria (Borderline)

Borderline Skeptics … Group details »

South Australia

South Australian Skeptics … Group details »


Tasmanian Skeptics … Group details »


Canberra Skeptics … Group details »

Hunter Valley Region

Hunter Valley Skeptics … Group details »


Queensland Skeptics … Group details »

Queensland (Gold Coast)

Gold Coast Skeptics … Group details »

Western Australia

Western Australian Skeptics … Group details »


“The Skeptic” Magazine

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