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Our digital presence is extensive. In addition to this website, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, find out about our events on Meetup, and even hear our voices on the Skeptic Zone podcast. And of course, you can read our magazine, the Skeptic, either on paper or as an email-delivered PDF file.

Surface Mail: Australian Skeptics Inc,
PO Box 20
NSW 2119
Email: nsw AT skeptics DOT com DOT au
Phone: (02) 8094 1894
0432 713 195
Fax: (02) 8088 4735
President: Eran Segev
Vice Presidents: Dr Rachael Dunlop
Joanne Benhamu
Secretary: Jessica Singer
Treasurer: Martin Hadley
Challenge Coordinator: Ian Bryce
Immediate Past President Richard Saunders
Committee: Peter Bowditch
Joshua Godbee
Alethea Dean
Signe Dean
Luke Freeman
Margaret-Ann Tait
Dr Brad McKay
Executive Officer & Editor: Tim Mendham
Committee Members (Emeritus): Peter Rodgers
John Sweatman
Barry Williams