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Dr Bob’s Quiz

Dr Bob’s new home OK fans, this is it. After more than 15 years on the Australian Skeptics website, the quiz is moving to it’s new home at There, Dr Bob will continue to entertain you with his quirky questions and you will continue to entertain him with your quirky answers. All the old questions and … Go to this page »

Merit Awards

Every year at our National Convention, we put the skeptical spotlight on people who have contributed significantly to the causes of skepticism and critical thinking. Skeptic of the Year Skeptic of the Year is awarded occasionally  —  not every year  —  to someone who has close ties with the Skeptical movement and been particularly active over the past year. We name someone Skeptic … Go to this page »

The Bent Spoon Award

The Bent Spoon Award is presented annually to the perpetrator of the most preposterous piece of paranormal or pseudo-scientific piffle. … Go to this page »

The $100,000 Challenge

The Australian Skeptics challenge people who claim to have extraordinary powers to demonstrate their ability under test conditions. We offer a cash prize of $100,000. … Go to this page »


“The Skeptic” Magazine

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Sydney Dinner Meeting — 20 June

Nicole Rogerson will speak about the myths versus reality of autism. Go to our shop to book your place.


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