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Bent Spoon Nominations

The nominations for 2014 are:

Nominee: Elaine Hollingsworth

Nominated by: David Dodd
Date: 03/05/2014

For the film One Answer For Cancer (

Elaine Hollingsworth promotes attacks on medicine and a single cure for all types of cancer, and also runs the following websites:

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Nominee: Dr MaryAnne Demasi

Nominated by: Ilijas Milisic
Date: 14/06/2014

I would like to nominate Dr MaryAnne Demasi for the Bent Spoon Award for the two-part series called “The Heart of the Matter” she made for the ABC Catalyst program that dealt with the link between cholesterol and heart disease.

To quote an SMH article, “The program focused heavily on the opinions of US experts — one of whom believes vaccines can cause autism and another who promotes chiropractic and chelation for heart problems — while a number of high-profile Australian experts were not used.”

The series completely disregarded research and genuine scientific evidence which shows a strong link between cholesterol and heart disease, but worst of all, GPs reported a massive increase in patients wanting to go off statins after having seen the series.

Dr Demasi’s report was badly researched, gave credibility to and presented individuals who were non-experts as being reliable experts, and the fallout of the series was patients refusing to comply with statins to regulate their LDL/HDL levels.

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Nominee: The Institute of Public Affairs and Andrew Bolt

Nominated by: Tony Goodfellow
Date: 31/08/2014

I nominated the Institute of Public Affairs and Andrew Bolt for their climate change denialism, promoting anti-intellectualism through contradicting established evidence and causing harm through stopping adaptation and mitigation efforts by their obfuscation. For examples see below. I also nominate them for misusing the word skeptic

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