Bent Spoon Nominations

The nominations for 2015 are:

Nominee: Mr George Savvides

Nominated by: Dr Brad McKay
Date: 24/04/2015

I would like to nominate Mr George Savvides, the Chief Executive for Medibank Private, for the Bent Spoon Award of 2015.

Mr Savvides stated that the state and federal government should look closely at how to remove waste from the country’s health budget. He stated that a 2012 study published in the Medical Journal of Australia found 156 Medicare-funded services produced “no effective medical outcomes”.

Mr Savvides asked “Why aren’t we cleaning up the register? Why do we just keep adding things?”. “Why don’t we scrutinise the things that we pay for and identify, as clinicians have at Sydney Uni, the treatments that we pay for that produce no value?”

Mr Savvides’ statements were made just after the NHMRC had released a comprehensive review of Homeopathy, concluding that there was no reliable evidence that it worked to treat any health problem. Mr Savvides was asked if Medibank Private would “clean up the register” and remove Homeopathy from its list of funded treatments. He stated “It’s such a small part of our claims … we know our customers like it and we think: well, maybe there are benefits that we can’t nail exactly”.

I think Mr Savvides totally “nailed it” with his hypocritical statement and deserves a nomination this year.

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Nominee: The Catholic Church in Australia

Nominated by: Michael Meyerson
Date: 04/05/2015

The article Modern evils stoke exorcism demand was written by Marie Hogg and published in The Weekend Australian, April 18-19, 2015. I think the Catholic Church in Australia should be nominated for the Bent Spoon award for 2015 because it employs “as many as 28 official exorcists”. This Church validates the existence of demons despite the lack of evidence for such beings and takes advantage of the vulnerability of superstitious individuals who believe in the Catholic faith. Once again the Catholic Church is retarding the progress of reason and science.

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