Meet and mingle at the Skeptics Convention dinner

Australian Skeptics’ social event offers the opportunity to wine and dine with the stars

“Australian-first” penalties for male hormone clinic

Company’s claims of increased sexual prowess deflated, but will they pay the fine?

The Truth about Economics … with drinks

Sydney Skeptics in the Pub – October 5 at the Occidental, Wynyard, from 6pm

ASI offers funds for skeptical programs and activities

The Australian Skeptics Grant Program supports events, prizes, talks, scientific research, speakers and operating costs.

Bent Spoon nominations for 2017 – ABC, NICM, Newcastle City Council, and more

Nominees include advice on burying cowhorns, how psychics get the keys to the city, and universities promoting pseudomedicine on campus.

Same-sex marriage ballot: Skeptics say ‘yes’ to science

Australian Skeptics Inc’s position statement on the nature and quality of the evidence put forward for the same-sex marriage ballot.

NSW Parliament: No conscientious objection to vaccination

Anti-vax rally in Sydney fails to sway pro-vaccination politicians

“Top clairvoyant” refuses Skeptics’ $100,000 challenge

Ruthie Phillips, self-professed “Australia’s Top Clairvoyant-Medium” says psychics can’t be 100% accurate – “it’s an inexact science”.

Combination MMRV vaccines second-dose cleared of risk of febrile seizures

Research into the health effects of the second dose of combination MMRV vaccines has found no association with any increase risk of febrile seizures.

Update – the missing homeopathy submission

Growing international activism re homeopathy ‘submission’ against NHRMC report, but questions about its existence still exist in Australia.