Combination MMRV vaccines second-dose cleared of risk of febrile seizures

Research into the health effects of the second dose of combination MMRV vaccines has found no association with any increase risk of febrile seizures.

Update – the missing homeopathy submission

Growing international activism re homeopathy ‘submission’ against NHRMC report, but questions about its existence still exist in Australia.

Tickets available for Skeptics Convention dinner

Australian Skeptics’ social event of the year in Sydney, November 18

Italian government makes childhood vaccination compulsory

The Italian government has given final approval to mandating a list of childhood vaccinations for school children up to the age of 16. Under these new requirements, parents must present proof of vaccinations to gain admission into preschools, while parents of children of mandatory school age face fines of up…

Anti-vax film screened at Australian National University

University says “[The screening] was not in any way endorsed by the University”.

TGA’s list of medical indications full of pseudoscience

Proposed product descriptions enshrine nonsensical concepts

French government makes vaccination for kids compulsory

Parents in France will be legally obliged to vaccinate their children from 2018, the government has announced. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said it was “unacceptable” that children are “still dying of measles” in the country where some of the earliest vaccines were pioneered. This follows some concerning stats on…

Top speakers for 2017 Skeptics Convention

International and local presenters promise a great event of science, skepticism, critical thinking, activism, with a healthy dose of critical thinking, a dash of humour and a great deal of common sense.

Ban homeopathy in pharmacies, says industry review

Government-appointed review of pharmacy regulation says homeopathic products should be banned from pharmacies and complementary medicines shelved separately to evidence-based medicine.

Skeptics offer help for National Convention ancillary events

Australian Skeptics Inc has put out an offer of help to any individuals or organisations interested in holding Skeptical events to run alongside the coming National Convention. The Convention – the 33rd in a continuous series – will be held on November 18-19 2017 at the City Recital Hall, Sydney….