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Skeptical Podcasts from Australia

Opinions expressed on the podcasts listed below are those of their respective producers and guests and not necessarily those of Australian Skeptics Inc.

The Skeptic Zone — The Podcast from Australia for Science and Reason

Join your hosts Richard Saunders and Stefan Sojka as they present The Skeptic Zone, Australia’s own skeptical podcast.

Joining your hosts are reporters Maynard, Jo Alabaster, Heidi Robertson Eran Segev and Dr Rachael Dunlop,


Skeptics, scientists and major celebrities line up to appear on The Skeptic Zone. Hear the thoughts of such people as Dick Smith, Stephen Fry, Dr Phil Plait, James Randi, Dr Richard Wiseman, Dr Rob Morrison, Simon Singh, Tim Minchin and many more.

Maynard’s Spooky Action…

Australian radio and TV legend Maynard with interviews and insights delivered in his own unmistakeable style.

Evidence Please… with Jo Alabaster

Reports and opinions on current events in the skeptical world.

The Raw Skeptic Report… with Heidi Robertson

News from the Northern Rivers area of Australia mixed with good old common sense.

Dr Rachie Reports

Is alternative medicine all that it’s cracked up to be? Well, no… but with Dr Rachie Reports you find out why. Dr Rachael Dunlop has fast become a vital member of the Skeptic Zone with her look at the claims of alternative medicine and her own investigations.

Grain of Salt

This is a look at life and social issues with Eran Segev. Grain of Salt is sure to get you thinking.

The Skeptic Zone Podcast is an independent production by Richard Saunders and the team of reporters. The views and opinions expressed on the Skeptics Zone Podcast are not necessarily those Australian Skeptics Inc. or any other skeptical organisation.

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Skeptically Challenged

Skeptically Challenged is a forum for exposing pseudoscience. Every day we are bombarded with information and highly questionable claims that have little basis in objective reality as determined by science. Skeptically Challenged throws down the gauntlet to pseudoscience, examining the evidence for everything from wacky cancer cures to spooky encounters to UFO sightings.

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The Pseudo Scientists Podcast — The official podcast of the Young Australian Skeptics

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Diffusion Radio

If you like a good, broad mix of Science – new science, hard science, pop science, historical science and very silly science, listen to Diffusion.

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Hunting Humbug 101

Spotting fallacies in thinking - The Skeptic’s Field Guide

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