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Tuesday 22 September 2009 — David Archibald will speak on solar cycles and climate. He is the author of Solar Cycle 24: Why the world will continue cooling and why carbon dioxide won’t make a detectable difference. It has 37 full colour illustrations, a foreward by Professor David Bellamy, and predicts cooling for the next decade due to a very weak solar cycle 24.

About our meetings

All meetings start at 7:30 pm at Grace Vaughan House, 227 Stubbs Terrace, Shenton Park,  and last about two hours followed by refreshments. They usually feature current events followed by either a speaker or a video on a paranormal topic,  followed by a lively discussion. If you want to hear both sides of the paranormal story then put these meetings on your calendar. Admission, refreshments, and parking are free. Just turn up. All are welcome.

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