Dick Smith funds pro-vaccination advertisement.

Dick Smith has funded an advertisement placed in a national newspaper, The Australian, written by Australian Skeptics to alert parents to the dangers of the Australian anti-vaccination lobby.

Known as the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), this group spreads misinformation and falsehoods about the safety and effectiveneness of vaccines.

Dick Smith Foods has funded this advertisement in the public interest, to ensure parents access unbiased, accurate advice from reputable medical sources. The Australian Vaccination Network is no such source,” said Mr Smith.

Whilst publicly stating that they are “pro-choice” the AVN publishes information stating that vaccines contain toxic levels of metals such as mercury and aluminium and that they cause autism, cancer, SIDS, shaken baby syndrome, asthma and eczema. There is no scientific evidence to support their claims.

Parts of Australia have recently experienced epidemics of whooping cough resulting in the deaths of three babies, and this has partly been due to a reduction in the levels of vaccination. On the north coast of New South Wales where the AVN is based, the levels for vaccination are only 88% compared with the state average of 91%.

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