105 ways to advance scepticism; how you can make a difference.

Daniel Loxton, the Editor for the Junior Skeptic insert in the US publication Skeptic, coordinated almost 30,000 words of impassioned, in-depth commentary from thirteen leading skeptics worldwide. This document aims to promote skeptical activism – and demonstrates practical, pragmatic and realistic steps as to how you can make a difference. From doing online networking well, creating your own local communities, critical thinking promotion to even polishing your final presentation as a skeptical-speaker yourself – “What Do I Do Next? Leading Skeptics Discuss 10 Practical Ways to Promote Science and Advance Skepticism ” is a must. For those just starting out to those wishing to further their message, the guide will promote discussion and debate. If you’ve ever wondered how you can make a difference or what you can do to help then this is compulsory reading!