Skeptics spreading the word across the globe.

Panel for Skepticism and the Media at NECSS NYC, a sell out with over 400 delegates and people turned away at the door.

Vice president Rachael Dunlop is currently in the USA for several sceptical conferences and lectures, including Dragon*Con in Atlanta last week, NECSS in NYC on September 12 and Boston Skeptics in the Pub in Cambridge on September 15.

Rachael has been lecturing, amongst other things, about the campaign by Australian Skeptics to expose the anti-vax lobby in Australia. The response from the Americans has been overwhelmingly positive and Rachael has had many questions about how it is that Australia has been so successful in combating the anti-vaxers when America appears to be fighting a losing battle. Read the rest of her blog about some of her travels to date including her experiences on the panel for Skepticism and the Media at the Northeastern Conference for Science and Skepticism here.