Chiropractor lodges complaint against Australian Skeptics

Xray neckFollowing the publication of Simon Singh’s article on the Australian Skeptics website, chiropractor Joseph Ierano wrote a letter to the organisation with a detailed if somewhat rambling rebuff of the article. Being an organisation of volunteers we thought a detailed response by Australian Skeptics President, Eran Segev, within three weeks was a good effort, but two weeks after responding we received a letter from the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) indicating Mr Ierano has lodged a complaint against Australian Skeptics. The letter attached to the complaint was the same one that Australian Skeptics had received and responded to.

We note that this is at least the second time that a chiropractor prefers to pursue legal avenues to disagree with criticism of the profession over the option of providing supporting evidence. That this should happen in response to the publication of Simon’s article, a step clearly aimed at highlighting the issue of free and open scientific debate, is all the more ironic.

Australian Skeptics sees this complaint as lacking any merit even if it did not include some factual errors (e.g. the claim that a British court ruled Simon’s article is biased). We have prepared a detailed response to the HCCC and will be defending our right to publish articles relating to any scientific issue, as long as they are backed by scientific evidence.