Simon Singh wins right to full appeal

singhToday in the Royal Courts of Justice in London, Simon Singh was granted permission for a full appeal over the meaning of his article Beware the Spinal Trap. He was also permitted to argue, as part of such appeal, that it can be considered as fair comment.

According to initial reports from people present in court Lord Justice Laws, the judge presiding over the appeal, was scathing of the original ruling by Mr Justice Eady referring to it as “disproportionate” and erroneous. According to these reports, Justice Laws had made his decision based on extensive documentation provided by Simon’s legal counsel without requiring further submissions.

The BCA was conspicuous by its absence at the hearing; however it later published a statement indicating it was prohibited from attending.

Congratulations to Simon Singh for pushing ahead with this issue, in what many feared was the face of defeat.

In response to messages of congratulation from Australian supporters, Simon wrote the following: “Thanks to everyone in Australia who has been following the case and helping raise awareness. I received enormous support when I was visiting Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns back in July, which helped give me the determination to get this far.”

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