Bent Spoon to AVN not alone

When Australian Skeptics recently awarded the Bent Spoon Award to Meryl Dorey and the AVN, we didn’t know that we were not alone. Almost concurrently with our own award and without any coordination, two other organisations awarded their own equivalent of the Bent Spoon, and the parallels are very interesting:

  • The 2009 Finnish Skeptics’ Huuhaa (“Flim-Flam”) prize was awarded to Rokotusinfo ry (“vaccination-info society”). Sharp eyed readers will notice that the organisation mirrors the AVN’s deceptive naming.
  • The Dutch Association against Quackery awarded the Master Kackadoris Prize to The Dutch Association for Discerning Vaccination. Unsurprisingly, the deceptive naming is used here too.

Thanks to Otto Makela from Finnish Skeptics and to Jan Willem Nienhuys from the Dutch Association against Quackery for the information they provided that allowed us to get past the unfortunate fact that most of us do not read Finnish or Dutch (and when we do, we don’t understand a word).