Dr Paul Offit, Amy Wallace and WIRED sued for libel in the US

In November 2009, journalist Amy Wallace wrote an article on the dangers of the anti-vaccine movement in America called ‘An epidemic of Fear, One Man’s Battle Against the Anti-Vaccine Movement‘ for WIRED magazine.

She interviewed Dr Paul Offit, author of Autism’s False Profits and Vaccination, and Barbara Joe Fisher, the head of the National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC). The article turned out to be a scathing attack on the anti-vaccine movement and their tactics of using misinformation to cajole vulnerable parents into not vaccinating their children. And the anti-vaxers didn’t like it, so on December 23rd 2009, they filed a suit in the United States District Court suing for defamation from Paul Offit, Amy Wallace and the publisher of the WIRED magazine. The case stems around a statement made by Offit in the article which says that Fisher “lies”. Fisher is claiming this has seriously damaged her reputation and she now wants to be compensated with USD1 million.

You can read more about the full suit as a pdf by following this link.

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