Announcing the 2009 Darwin Awards

The Darwin Awards, named after the evolutionary biologist, are given ever year to honour those “do a service to Humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool”.

For the first time ever this year, a woman was one of the runners-up. Rosanne T, aged 50, drove her moped through a police road block and into a swollen river. After being rescued by Police she returned to the river in an attempt to retrieve her vehicle. She was swept away and died.

Another runner up was a man who returning from a bar, became stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Needing to relieve himself he decided to jump over the low concrete wall at the side of the road to get some privacy. He didn’t realise that the ground was 65 feet below and he fell to his death.

This year’s winners were two bank robbers, who over estimated the amount of dynamite required to blow up an ATM and instead destroyed the bank and themselves. One man sustained serious head injuries and later died in hospital whilst the other man’s body was recovered from the rubble.

You can read more details here. Congratulations people, the gene pool thanks you!