What really gets taught in homeopathy school

Three years ago, David Colquhoun, Professor of Pharmacology at University College London and blogger at Improbable Science, requested course information from the University of Central Lancashire, UK about the contents of their homeopathy classes. His request was denied by the University, but this was recently overturned by the Information Commissioner who ruled that the reasons given for refusal were invalid.

On Christmas Eve 2009, David received 5 large box files of information and what he found was shocking. One class described how the homeopathic remedy Arnica could be used in first aid, for injuries and trauma and in serious chronic conditions such as depression and heart disorders. Much of the information breached the Society of Homeopaths own code of ethics, such as claiming to cure cancers and other incurable diseases. Thankfully the course was closed in 2008 and David reports that after an internal review at the University almost all their other alternative medicine classes were closed too.

You can read more about this story at David’s blog here.