Update on lemon detox diet troubles

Pure Natural Health Pty Ltd and companies like it “will face the full weight of the law,” says Primary Industries Minister Stephan Whan, as investigations are launched into advertising and promotion of the company’s Lemon Detox Diet.

This comes as the company faces further scrutiny by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority. The NZFSA has launched preliminary investigations into the product, looking at whether the product breaches New Zealand regulations. Gary Bowering, spokesman for NZFSA told the New Zealand Herald that they will be looking into similar issues of labelling and advertising.

The company was fined $1320 this week by the NSW Food Safety Authority and has now been referred to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, NSW Office of Fair Trading and the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Professor of Lifestyle Medicine at Southern Cross University Garry Eggers told the Tweed Daily News earlier this week that consumers would be better off eating nothing, rather than wasting their money on expensive and useless detox diets. Professor Eggers continued;

“The typical pattern for these types of things is, they are promoted then picked up by the media, and within 12 months they have disappeared, because at that point people are usually taking them to court.”

Manager Director of Pure Natural Health, Mr Endree Saade continues to deny any wrongdoing by the company, telling the New Zealand Herald that he is “shocked and horrified” and that his company has been made into a scapegoat.

Earlier in the week Mr Saade denied that any fines had been issued to his company, despite being placed on the NSW Food Authority’s name and shame list.

Dietitian Nikki Hart welcomed NSW Food Authority’s move.

“These diets are setting you up to fail, because they’re eliminating real food.”