Our own Dr Rachie wins health category of Twitter Shorty Awards

The vice president of Australian Skeptics, Dr Rachael Dunlop, know as “Dr Rachie“, has won the health category of the Twitter Shorty Awards, announced last week in New York City. The Shortys recognise excellence on Twitter in several categories such as entertainment, food, celebrity, and humour.

The health category was hotly contested this year, with stiff competition between Dr Rachie and two giants of alternative medicine, Dr Joseph Mercola and Mike Adams of Natural News dot com who were not impressed when Rachael began to take the lead in the competition.

Early in the competition, Adams was disqualified for vote stuffing, prompting him to accuse the Shortys of fraud and threatening to sue the organisers. Following this, Mercola referred to Dr Rachie as “an overweight non-physician” and “Big Pharma’s wet dream” when pleading with his 64,000 fans to vote for him in a competition he “could care LESS about.”

Congratulations to Dr Rachie. For all the sordid details, see Dr Rachie’s blog post, ‘Shenanigans, Subterfuge and the Shortys“.