Meryl Dorey, a Closet Skeptic?

We have recently learnt that Meryl Dorey, retiring president of the Australian (anti)Vaccination Network, registered these four website domain names in October 2009:

That took time and money and we’re impressed at Meryl’s new skeptical interest, given her many recent complaints of having no time, no money and wanting to spend more time with the family.

After all, it was only in February (three months after registering the names) that she announced that “After almost 17 years of running the AVN, it is my bittersweet duty to inform you that within the next 3-4 weeks I will [be] tendering my resignation as President of this great organisation and moving on to the next stage of my own personal development as mother, wife, activist and researcher.”

Never once did she mention being a sceptical blogger, but perhaps that was her plan all along: woo people into following and donating to the AVN and then, hey presto, pull the rug out from underneath them with the declaration, “Fooled ya, I’ve been a skeptic all along!”

Very funny, Meryl!

Or was it shyness that kept Meryl from levelling with her own people and even from contacting us on the sly? She’s even coyly avoided our ‘k’ skepticism and gone ‘c’ sceptic, but we’re a broad enough church to go with that.

At the time of writing, nothing is up on the four sites apart from some ironic ads for psychic and clairvoyants. But Meryl, rest assured we look forward with bated breath to your first utterings as an online skeptic/sceptic. We hope the new money inspires some really fine stuff.