AVN Denied Advertising in Mum and Babies Publication

It was recently alleged that the AVN was denied paid advertising in The Child group of magazines, including Sydney’s Child.

The monthly publications are distributed free in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth via childcare centres and baby shops and are highly targeted to Australian parents.

Australian Skeptics understand that the AVN applied to purchase a 1/3 page ad in Sydney’s Child, Melbourne’s Child and Brisbane’s Child at a total estimated cost of $8000. But the publication denied their request, on the grounds that their material was not suitable.

This is a gutsy and responsible decision by The Child group who, being a free publication, rely heavily on advertising revenue. We congratulate them for taking a responsible stand against the misinformation and scaremongering perpetuated by the AVN which can result in parents shunning vaccination. Yet another channel closing on the AVN means less children are likely to become ill from vaccine preventable diseases.

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