TAM Australia Sold Out!

Tickets for TAM Australia have sold out. A limited number of full-priced tickets may be released at a later date should they become available.

Keep your eyes on the official website at www.tamaustralia.org for any further developments. The website will provide possible future registration information as well as updates about speakers, accommodation and more. Full-priced tickets, if available, will cost A$445.

There was a massive and rapid-fire registration for the event, with members of Australian Skeptics and the James Randi Educational Foundation responding in style. However, registrants should be aware that non-members who purchased early-bird tickets may have their tickets cancelled.

Becoming a member

For those interested in becoming a member of Australian Skeptics, subscribe to The Skeptic magazine. Go to the www.skeptics.com.au/shop and choose your preferred subscription option. Printed copy subscriptions start from A$44 for one year and digital subscriptions start from A$22 for one year.

To become a member of the James Randi Educational Foundation, go to www.randi.organd choose your preferred membership option. Memberships start from US$50 for an introductory membership (US$25 for students).