More TAM speakers announced

Dick Smith will join James Randi on stage at TAM Australia for a special one-on-one presentation – the two founders of Australian Skeptics on the one stage!

The organisers of the convention are thrilled that Dick, a founder, patron and constant supporter of Australian Skeptics, has taken time out from his busy schedule, not least from promoting his population proposals, to take part in this historic get-together of two high profile individuals in both the Skeptical and the business arenas.

Other new speaker announcements include Catherine Lumby, director of Journalism and Media Research at the University of NSW, who will be talking about mass media issues and the promotion of Skepticism.

And there will be a special live onsite podcast by the entire Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe crew – before your very eyes as well as ears.

More to come. Go to for more details of current speakers.