Stars are wearing the Power Balance – but does it really work?

Choice, the Australian consumer watchdog, has called the Power Balance bracelet a “$2 Shop Scam” and “A blatant con.” In a report featured in the Sept. 26 Sunday Telegraph, Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn has called for government action. See the full Telegraph report here.

Read report on Choice web site.

From The Age : Power band the latest snake oil?


Cristiano Ronaldo wears one. Rubens Barrichello swears by his. And it has been endorsed by the entire Wasps rugby team. Indeed, though it looks like a slim band of silicone inset with two flimsy holograms, an increasing number of sports stars are claiming that they can increase their balance, strength and agility simply by wearing something called a Power Balance bracelet – on sale for the princely sum of £29.99 ($65AUD) at a sports shop near you.

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