Melbourne Skeptics Café

Speaker: Martin Plowman, I (Don’t) Want to Believe!

Martin Plowman is a Melbourne based writer and researcher. Holding dual degrees in both Arts and Science (majoring in physics, no less), in 2008 he completed his PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne. A cultural history of the worldwide belief in UFOs, his thesis garnered international media attention and earned him the disappointingly unoriginal nickname of “Dr Who.” After a further two-and-a-half years of writing and travel gathering more material, Dr Plowman released his first book in February 2011 with publishers Allen & Unwin. Based loosely on his PhD research, The UFO Diaries: Travels in the Weird World of High Strangeness combined travelogue and personal memoir as it looked at the strange and enduring attraction UFOs hold for the modern world. How do you talk about something that’s identified as “unidentified”? Why are the best UFO photos always blurry? And do dolphins have buttocks?

Dr Plowman is also a regular commentator in the national media on science and culture issues (and UFO sightings, of course). However, it must be said: he’s never seen a UFO himself, and nor does he expect to.

La Notte Restaurant, 140 Lygon Street Carlton. 8pm (meal from 6pm)