The Australian Government needs to wise up about Homeopathy

Apparently this week has been MedicineWise Week in Australia.

I didn’t know this until out of curiosity I went to a website which has been heavily advertised over the last week on Australian television – the NPS website. I knew of this Australian government organisation since I follow them on Twitter but only after visiting the website did I discover they provide information on medicines for consumers and health professionals alike. Plus they are behind MedicineWise Week from January 30th – February 6th, 2011.

In light of the worldwide Ten23 campaign conducted all over the world this weekend – in fact every continent including Antarctica was represented – I thought I would pose as a consumer and search for information about homeopathy.

Like homeopathy itself, what I turned up was minimal and not very useful. I’ll explain more about this a bit later but first, as I was surfing around the NPS site, I found a press release about a survey of Australians’ knowledge of medicines.

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