Canberra Skeptics Lecture: Seeing Through The Haze – A Clear Perspective On Australia’s Drinking Culture

Speaker: Michael Thorn
Date: Tuesday, 21st of June 2011
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Place: Optus Theatre, CSRIO Discovery Science Centre,

Clunies Ross Street Acton ACT 2601

Free Admission

Michael Thorn, Chief Executive of the Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Foundation, will talk about what we do and don’t know about the way we drink in Australia.

In this lecture Michael will provide an overview of what alcohol use looks like in Australia. This will include the current evidence base on Australia’s use of alcohol, the extent of alcohol-related harms, and the economic and social effects. He will also talk about Australia’s drinking culture, how this has changed overtime and how it now compares to other countries. This will include the drinking behaviour of children, Gen Y, Gen X, and baby boomers.

Finally, he will examine how the community perceives alcohol, the framing of policy responses, and the effectiveness of population-wide measures to address alcohol misuse.

Michael Thorn has extensive experience in strategic social policy development and implementation, most recently in Canberra and previously as a policy director of the Western Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet from 2001 until 2008. He has also worked as a policy and management consultant in the fields of housing, Indigenous affairs, regional economic development and employment, and early in his career was a policy adviser and chief of staff to a number of WA Cabinet ministers.

Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Foundation (AER Foundation): The Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Foundation (AER) is a unique, independent, not-for-profit organisation with a goal to change the way we drink. The AER Foundation collaborates with grass-roots community organisations, all levels of government, Police, researchers and the private sector to turn evidence-based research on alcohol and solvent misuse into practical, real-life solutions. Since its inception in 2001, AER has invested over $100 million in prevention, public education, workforce development, and treatment & rehabilitation projects, underpinned by innovative research. Our dedication to creating a safer and healthier Australia sees the AER Foundation forming new partnerships and alliances with like-minded organisations, with a focus on youth and Indigenous issues. Looking forward, the AER Foundation continues its commitment to changing Australia’s drinking culture to one of safety and responsibility. For further information:

No need to book but note that theatre holds 106.

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