Psychics a Waste of Police Time

Once again, valuable police time and resources have been wasted on a wild “psychic” goose chase.

On Wednesday the 8th of June, Australians awoke to the awful news that a mass grave with up to 30 bodies, some children, had been discovered in the US state of Texas following a tip off. Details were sketchy but the major TV and radio news outlets were running the story.


As the morning progressed it was reported that the tip off came from someone claiming to be a psychic. Then, as the police gained access to the property and house in question, and much to their relief, no grave was found.

Police take all reports about major crime seriously, and investigate them thoroughly, but unfortunately false reports take up valuable police time.

It is a common misconception that police around the world rely on people claiming psychic powers to help solve crimes. While it is true that some police offers (often retired) do consult with these people, the practise is not condoned. Indeed a quick search on some of the police web sites in Australia returns;

    NSW Police web site search result for “psychics”:
    – Sorry, your search for ‘psychics’ returned zero results. –

    Victorian Police web site search result for “psychics”:
    – Search returned no results. –

    Queensland Police web site search result for “psychics”:
    – No results for ‘Psychics’. –

Psychics solving crimes by working along side police is all well and good for TV and Hollywood or a gritty crime fiction novel. But in the real world, it is the dedication and hard work of police offers on the beat and in the lab (often taking years) that solve crimes, bring criminals to justice and closure to families.

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