Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics

Melbourne Eastern Hills Skeptics in the Pub (or MEH SitP), is a monthly gathering of critical-thinking, scientifically-skeptical folk who like to discuss issues relating to pseudoscience, alternative medicines, the paranormal, and various other matters of importance or interest to the skeptically-minded, all whilst sipping a fine ale or other beverage of choice.
If you’re interested in talking science, battling anti-vaxers, answering “what’s the harm” with alt-med products, or just feel exceptional claims require exceptional evidence, then you’ll probably fit right in. If you’re accustomed to receiving quizzical looks to your sci-fi references during conversation, you’ll definitely fit in!
We meet on the second Monday of each month at the Knox Club on the corner of Stud and Boronia Roads Wantirna Victoria. We welcome regulars and visitors to our area, which encompasses Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs.
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