News flash: Ken Harvey wins defamation case … but another looms

On the morning of August 15 at the NSW Supreme Court, the $800,000 defamation case against Dr Ken Harvey, brought by ‘weight-loss’ company SensaSlim, was dismissed and costs were awarded. However, Harvey said he would be surprised if those costs were ever paid.

To date, Harvey’s legal bills amount to approximately $35,000, which is higher than our original estimates. The final figure is not yet clear, so the amount raised by Australian Skeptics’ Support Ken Harvey pledge drive may still be short of the mark.

But while Harvey rightly celebrates this win (as much as it can be called that), unfortunately for him a second defamation case was launched in the Queensland Supreme Court on August 11 by SensaSlim director, Peter O’Brien. This second case involves a claim of $1,075,000.

We will keep you informed of how this second case develops, along with our progress in raising funds to support his legal costs. However, Harvey says that “Hopefully, today’s win will also make it easier to throw out the Queensland case as the statement of claim is virtually the same.”

Meanwhile, however, the TGA’s Complaints Resolution Panel remains blocked from hearing the nine to ten substantive complaints about SensaSlim in the queue.

“And the TGA is yet to invoke Section 30 of the Therapeutic Goods Act and delist the product as requested,” Harvey says.

In addition, Harvey notes that “the words that the ACCC wanted to be placed on SensaSlim’s website have still not gone up, even though more than five days have elapsed”.

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