Mordi Skeptics In the Pub (Mordialloc, Vic)

Mordi Skeptics In The Pub:

Meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month 7.30 pm at the Mordi Sporting Club.

Mordi Skeptics in the Pub

Melbourne, AU
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Combine your hunger for the truth with a chicken parma! Combine your thirst for knowledge with a pot of beer, a glass of wine or a lovely cup of tea! The Mordi Skeptics in the…

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8th November: The Importance of Funding Grass Roots Science Research presented by Jonathan de Booy, an Education and Outreach Officer at the Australian Synchrotron

Mordi meetups begin informally with a 6:00 dinner downstairs ($12.50 parma or similar), followed by thoughtful discussion in the Maurice Kelley Room from 7:30 sharp to around 9:30. Please bring along $2 to help cover the cost of the website.