Mordi Skeptics Talk

Speaker: Tim Harding
Topic: Animal welfare: science vs anthropomorphism
Venue: Mordialloc Sporting Club, 528 Main St , Mordialloc

Animal welfare science seeks to determine the real needs of the animal. Welfare is a characteristic of an animal, not something given to it, and can be measured using an array of indicators, such as the level of cortisol in the blood as an indicator of stress. Animal psychology can also be used to determine actual animal preferences, rather than human preferences on behalf of the animal (which can be misled by anthropomorphism).

Our speaker, Tim Harding, has worked as a consultant to Animal Health Australia (AHA) evaluating national welfare standards for the farming and land transport of livestock; as well as for the Victorian and South Australian governments evaluating animal welfare regulations for dogs, cats and poultry. His firm has recently been engaged by AHA to evaluate proposed national welfare standards for the farming of cattle and sheep.

Our meetup begins informally with a 6:30 dinner downstairs ($12.50 parma or similar), followed by thoughtful discussion in the Maurice Kelley Room from 7:30 sharp to around 9:30. Please bring along $2 to help cover the cost of the website.