FSM Supported by Australian Skeptics

UPDATE : 22 April 2012

The founders of Friends of Science in Medicine

Prof John Dwyer AO,
Prof Alastair H MacLennan AO,
Prof Marcello Costa,
Loretta Marron
Prof Rob Morrison OAM

were recently interviewed by Eran Segev on ‘The Skeptic Zone Podcast’.

The friends discuss their motivations for setting up the group and their experiences in promoting science based medicine and also their concerns with so-called ‘alternative medicine’.

You can download the audio file, episode 183 of The Skeptic Zone, here.

29 February 2012

No, not the Flying Spaghetti Monster…

Friends of Science in Medicine is a new organisation, established by Australian Academics in order to combat the teaching of pseudoscience in Australian universities. FSM CEO and Australian Skeptic of the Year Loretta Marron asked Australian Skeptics to provide financial support to the fledgling organisation. Having seen the impact the organisation has had in the months since its founding, we had no hesitations in providing the support requested, being both hopeful and confident that FSM will continue to grow in numbers and in impact.

The Thank You letter received from FSM can be seen here.

The FSM website can be found here.