Skepticamp a winner

This year’s Skepticamp Sydney – the second year it has been held in the city – was another successful event.

Held at the University of Technology on May 26, about 80 people attended a range of talks in two concurrent streams. Skepticamp is based on the concept of an open invitation to anyone who would like to put forward their views in a short 15 minute presentation. This year’s presentations ranged from the informative to the controversial, dealing with such topics as legal issues, alt med cancer cures, cold fusion, how not to get a radio program on the ABC, how to fool a skeptic, and how to peddle woo while reciting poetry.

The main plus of Skepticamp is that it draws on grassroots participation – anyone can give a talk (or even a two-minute pitch at the final session), and anyone can pass a comment. It is very interactive, which makes it above all an enjoyable way to pass a day. The fact that those attending the Sydney event travelled from as far as Melbourne indicates how much of a drawcard it is.

And the fact that UTS Engineering students were holding a build-a-shed event just down the corridor only added to the buzz (and hubbub) of the event.

Australian Skeptics Science and Education Foundation (ASSEF) was pleased to sponsor Skepticamp Sydney for the second year running. And the organisers are to be congratulated for the hard work they put in on a voluntary basis.