Australian Skeptics Inc. has learnt that one of our Committee Members has received an Application for an Apprehended Personal Violence Order to be made against them. The Applicant is Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination Network. She alleges that threats were made against her online by that person. Unless the allegations are withdrawn or resolved by agreement, a Court will eventually determine what took place and whether any kind of Order is justified.

Meanwhile, we wish to make clear that we deplore violence or threats of violence, even against those who are careless with the truth or intellectually dishonest. Anything that a skeptic needs to say, can be conveyed with basic courtesy and respect for the rights of others. We expect our Committee Members to behave at all times with the integrity that a skeptical mindset should entail. The same goes for guests at our functions. We shall take appropriate action regarding any Member or guest who fails to meet this requirement.

We understand that Ms Dorey has filed at least one other Application, alleging threats by a member of Stop the AVN group. That person is not a Committee Member of Australian Skeptics Inc. and SAVN is an independent organisation with no formal links to us.