Skepticamp Sydney 2013

This year’s Camp will be held on Saturday 12th of October 2013, from 10am until 5pm at the University of Technology Sydney.

Skepticamp has established itself as a positive, thought-provoking and fun venue for skeptics to meet and present their own views to an appreciate audience of their peers … and the occasional interested passer-by. It is based on the concept of an open invitation to anyone who would like to put forward their views in a short 15 minute presentation. Topics in the past have covered everything for the nature of skepticism through legal and social issues to such specifics as clinical trials of GM foods, skepticism in the Middle East and the parallel nature of the Biblical Gospels and Star Wars. Members of the public are welcome to attend and, if they feel so compelled, they too can have their 15 minutes of fame.

The first Skepticamp was held in Sydney in April 2011.

Several members of Australian Skeptics’ committee will be on hand to meet and talk with members of the public, demonstrate spoon-bending and explain the strange ‘Power and Balance’ tests used by those selling magical holographic wrist bands.

Registration at Skepticamp is free and members of the public are welcome to request a speaking slot on the day.

For more information, visit the Skepticamp website.