Discovery-After-Dark: Science Versus Pseudo-Science

Friday, 22 November 2013


CSIRO Discovery, North Science Road

Black Mountain, ACT 2601

Free Admission

Canberra Skeptics, in conjunction with CSIRO Discovery and Australian Science Communicators, will be hosting a Discovery-after-Dark as part

of the Australian Skeptics National Convention 2013.  This event will free and open to the public.  It also doubles as the reception for Convention guests.

Experience the ‘after hours’ of science, with this Discovery-after-dark special. See what happens when science dresses down, takes off the labcoat and puts on some non OH&S approved footwear and takes on Science’s daggy brother, Pseudo-Science.

Join Mystery Investigators, Dr Rachael Dunlop and Richard Saunders (the skeptical judge from TV’s “The One – The Search for Australia’s Most Gifted Psychic”) and Prof. Chris French, head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit in the University of London and Dr Krissy Wilson, founder of Science of Anomalistic Phenomena (SOAP), in this after dark spectacular. From dowsing to spoon-bending, energy bracelets to cold reading, learn how to spot the fakes and determine the science from the pseudo-science while enjoying some free food and science-themed cocktails.

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