Skeptical Mini-Film Festival

Australian Skeptics National Convention 2013

Proudly Presents:

Skeptical Mini-Film Festival

Date: 22 November 2013

Time: 1:40pm – 5:00pm

Location: Lecture Theatre, CSIRO Discovery Centre, North Science Road, Acton, ACT

Free Admission

As part of the Australian Skeptics National Convention 2013, Canberra Skeptics Inc will be showing a number of science and skeptical films and documentaries from around the globe.

Screening Order*

Start 1:40 pm


A Glorious Dawn  (2009) Featuring Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking   3:35 minutes

John Boswell’s first video in the Symphony of Science series.

Beware the Believers (2008)  Michael Edmonson  featuring Richard Dawkins   3:57 minutes

Rap along with all your favourite scientists.

Critical Thinking  (2010)  QualiaSoup  5:13 minutes

QualiaSoup is a UK artist who discusses science, philosophy and the natural world.

Open Mindedness  (2009)  QualiaSoup   9:40 minutes

The scientific and non-scientific concepts of open-mindedness


The Skeptical Caveman (2012)   Project by TheSkepticsGuide  6 minutes

A hunter-gatherer tries to overcome the superstitions in his primitive society.

Science of the Gaps  (2013) by Theramin Trees.  21 minutes

The psychological workings of pseudo-science, and the terrible consequences it has.

Here Be Dragons  (2008) Written and presented by Brain Dunning.  Skeptoid Media Inc.  41 minutes

A wide-ranging introduction to critical thinking which offers a toolbox for recognising and understanding the dangers of pseudo-science.

Approximate 15 minute intermission

Restart 3:30 pm

Storm (2011)  Lyrics and sound by Tim Minchin.  Animation by D. C. Turner.  10 minutes.

This is Minchin’s famous dinner-party contre-temps with the alternative lifestyle girl, Storm.  If you missed it on ABC2 or Tim’s performance at Canberra Theatre, now is your chance.

Flock of Dodos   (2006) Director & scriptwriter Randy Olsen     84 minutes

This comic and controversial feature documentary subtitled “the evolution-intelligent design circus,” is the first feature film to take an even-handed look at the intelligent design versus evolution clash that appeared on the covers of Time and Newsweek in 2005. Filmmaker, scientist, surfer and evolutionary biologist Dr. Randy Olson explores the controversy over the teaching of evolution and the then recently developed alternative, intelligent design. Olson, a native of Kansas, visits his home state and the community of Dover, Pennsylvania, which attempted to introduce intelligent design in science classes. Featured are seven top advocates for intelligent design, including Dr. Michael Behe, author of “Darwin’s Black Box” as well as fourteen highly qualified proponents of evolutionary science.

* May be subject to late change

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