Psychic scams in Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) has issued a warning for people to be wary of scammers posing as psychics, clairvoyants and fortune-tellers, after a consumer lost almost $90,000 to a scam.

The consumer recently contacted CAV after making several payments of thousands of dollars at a time for ‘spiritual purposes’.

“Scammers prey on people’s vulnerabilities, insecurities and unhappiness,” said Claire Noone, the Director of CAV. “They go to great lengths to make themselves seem legitimate.”

Consumer Affairs Victoria received 13 reports of psychic, clairvoyant and fortune-telling scams in 2012-13. In the same period, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) reported it had received 125 reports. Of these, 41 people were duped out of almost $445,000.

However, as many scams go unreported, real figures are likely to be higher, the CAV says.