Change at the top

Eran Segev has been elected president of Australian Skeptics Inc after a two year absence from the position.

During those years, Richard Saunders, one of the best known faces of the Skeptical movement both in Australia and overseas, held the position and increased Australian Skeptics’ presence across a range of skeptical and paranormal events. He will remain on the committee, and continue to represent the Skeptics in the media and with the public, as well as playing a key role on the Skeptics’ investigation sub-committee.

One of Segev’s primary roles is leader of the team organising the National Convention in November 28-30. He played the same role with TAM Australia in 2010. He says that he’s therefore fully aware of the pressures his organising committee faces, but is confident of “ensuring that this year’s convention is as good as any we’ve had before, and will be run just as smoothly”.