Latest Convention announcements: SGU Extravaganza, welcome social event and dinner entertainment

We’re pleased to announce three new exciting events for 2014 National Convention.

SGU Extravaganza

George Hrab and the SGU crew will be putting on a special show at 7pm on Friday, November 28 – the day before the convention proper gets underway. It will take place at the Chatswood Club, and tickets will cost $25.

Geo will host the SGU Skeptical Extravaganza and Quiz Show, an evening of surprising fun, music, a quiz show, audience interaction and much more. This is a must-see event!

Note that this is a separate event to the main convention, with all profits going to the SGU. Bookings are essential, and it will be suitable for all ages.

Welcome event

On the same night and location, beginning at 6pm, we will be holding a free welcome social event where you will be able to mingle with speakers and other attendees. Here you will get the chance to talk to your heroes and skeptical colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere of good cheer and conversation.

Geo and the SGU crew will be present at this event before and after their Extravaganza.

We previously announced this event would take place at the Orchard Tavern, so please note it has been moved to the Chatswood Club.

All ages are allowed into the bistro area, but you must be aged 18+ to be near the bar or gambling machines.

Dinner entertainment

We’ve organised some exciting entertainment to accompany the convention dinner on Saturday, November 29.

While the dinner itself will be a great event, featuring a three-course meal and drinks, the entertainment on offer will round out a great evening.

Nicholas J Johnson, “the honest conman”, is an award-winning author, magician, comedian and conman. He knows his scams, and after decades of rubbing shoulders with fraudsters and liars, he will show the dinner audience how to become a human lie detector, why they shouldn’t trust him at the ATM, and the best way to cheat the casino.

Later in the evening, the SGU will hold their traditional auction of goodies from the rogues’ treasure trove. Bookings are essential!