More convention speakers – top communicators

Australian Skeptics are pleased to announce two new speakers for the 2014 convention.

These additions cover the best of science and skeptical communication – in the media and in the schools.

Peter Hadfield, a journalist with a degree in geology and over 20 years’ experience working in print, radio and television, is well known as a prolific YouTuber on scientific issues, including the science behind global warming, as well as the age of the Earth and arguments used by young earth creationists. As a correspondent in the Far East he worked at various times for CNN, the BBC, Britain’s Sunday Times and US News and World report. He was also the Tokyo correspondent for New Scientist magazine, and contributed regularly to the BBC’s Science in Action and to the Science Show on ABC radio. He spoke at the Skeptics’ 2011 convention, and was so popular that we have brought him back for a second round.

Adam vanLangenberg was the winner of the 2012 Skeptics’ Thornett Award for the Promotion of Reason, an award he won for setting up the McKinnon Secondary Sceptical Society. The Society is a lunchtime gathering of school children – the SceptiKids – who discuss a wide range of skeptical topics. So successful has the event been since its establishment in 2011, that teachers as well as students often attend the meetings which cover everything from astrology, homeopathy, psychics and power balance wrist bands to whether you can tell if someone is looking at you from behind your back and why Santa wears red and white. His talk is appropriately titled “101 Fun Things to do at Lunchtime”.

These two highly-effective communicators are on top of what is already a power play of skeptical thinkers. More information on the convention, including the program of presentations, plus a range of exciting extra activities, is available at the convention website.