Vale Steve Walker – magician and skeptic

Australian Skeptics is greatly saddened to hear of the death of one of our staunchest supporters, Steve Walker, who died suddenly and far too early on Thursday, December 11.

Past Australian Skeptics president, Barry Williams, writes: “Steve was not only a talented magician, he was also one of those rare people who brightened up the lives of all those who came into contact with him. His use of humour was unsurpassed in making his performances a delight to all who witnessed them.

“The Skeptics owe him an incalculable debt, not only for the innumerable gigs he put on free of charge and which drew record crowds at our dinner functions – he performed at our very first convention in 1985 – but for all his many impromptu performances anywhere a few Skeptics were gathered together.

“Steve’s unfailing good humour did much to convince those who knew him that, despite the perception that some might have that Skeptics are a humourless crowd of despoilers of other peoples illusions, much enjoyment and fun can be gleaned from belonging to Australian Skeptics.

“We may never see Steve Walker’s like again, and we are much the poorer for his passing.”