2015 Skeptics convention – Schmidt, Gerbic, Nickell

The organisers of the 2015 Australian Skeptics National Convention have announced the first round of speakers.

Top of the list are astronomer and Nobel laureate Prof Brian Schmidt; US guerrilla skeptic Susan Gerbic; and the world’s leading investigator of the paranormal, Joe Nickell.

Other speakers include: journalist Signe Cane; writer and science researcher, Holly Warland; Peter Ellerton, lecturer in critical thinking; Ketan Joshi, researcher on community issues around renewable energy; and Ross Balch, co-organiser of the convention, president of the Brisbane Skeptic Society and producer of the Skeptically Challenged podcast.

The convention will also feature a panel of Parenting Skeptically. This features Lauren Cochrane, president of the Canberra Skeptics, Jo Alabaster, podcaster and writer, and Alison Gaylard, administrator of the Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters.

The 2015 convention runs from October 16-18.

The main convention activities on October 17-18 will be in Garden’s Theatre at Queensland University of Technology. There will be a free Skepticamp on the afternoon of Friday, October 16, as well as a free evening of entertainment on the same day.

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