Sydney dinner – Medical madness

Dr Brad McKay, co-host of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under, will give a talk on “medical madness” at a Skeptics dinner to be held in Sydney on March 28.

“Health care in Australia is full of fictitious diseases, fake treatments and pseudoscientific terminology,” he says. “Some health problems are also very embarrassing to mention in polite company, and this has led to many people diagnosing themselves at home using ‘Dr Google’. It’s difficult to navigate between evidence-based medicine and popular discussion of the latest fads.”

And this is where Dr Brad comes in.

Dr Brad is a GP & TV host. Embarrassing Bodies Down Under is dedicated to decreasing the stigma of medical problems and increasing awareness of traditionally ‘taboo’ topics.

He has an impressive background in medicine – accepted into Medicine at Monash University when he was only 16 years old and started working as a doctor at the age of 21. He has been working in General Practice for the past 10 years and regularly tackles the tough and often embarrassing questions from his patients, helping to find clarity in a ‘woo’-filled world.
He’s a dynamic speaker on medical myths, false fads and, of course, embarrassing bodies.

The dinner price includes a buffet meal, Dr Bard’s talk and the chance to win your dinner price back – that’s dinner and a show for free.

So book now for your place on the examination couch.